SMT: Nocturne Newbie-Friendly Twitch Stream

With the HD remaster of Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne coming out next Tuesday, May 25th, I’ve been wanting to start a newbies-friendly stream of the game for people who might wanna know more about it, or can’t play the game, or won’t, for any reason. I’ll play Nocturne for you and if you have any question about the series/game, you can ask them in the chat and I’ll answer them!

Tentative day and time of stream would be on Sundays around 2pm Eastern Time on Twitch if that’s okay with people! Like I said, the stream will be newbies friendly, and no gatekeeping or shaming will be allowed on my channel. There is no such thing as a stupid Megaten question, so don’t be shy!

Link to my Twitch channel

P.S. Yes I will show you how to beat Matador, no worries.

SMT: Nocturne HD Remaster Stream

All right! Let’s go wrap up the Assembly of Nihilo and get a chunk of plot as reward for our success in 15 minutes!


ETA: Stream has ended, thank you for watching! Assembly of Nihilo all wrapped up and shut tight, and the Mantra has fallen. Next week, we kick another Fiend’s ass and we rescue my favourite character in the entire game, Futomimi!

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No SMT: Nocturne Stream Today

Hey guys, there won’t be a newbie-friendly Nocturne stream today, my fridge was accidentally left open all night and it spoiled all the groceries for the week I just bought yesterday so I gotta deal with that now. Sorry.

SMT: Nocturne HD Remaster Stream, episode 3

The stream will be live in 10 minutes! Come learn about about a great game in a chill, newbie-friendly stream! Today: GINZA!


ETA: Stream ended, thanks for watching! Tune in next week for EN GARDE, FUCKBOI!!!

SMT: Nocturne Stream: Pre-Stream Vote

Hello everyone! No stream today because I’m still waiting on my physical copy of the game. In the meantime, please vote on which DLC character to take along in-game for the stream!