New (Old?) Fic Completed!

Long time no see! Lost of things have been happening and are still happening in my life, not the least of which was buying a house! Despite that, I slowly managed to finish the second chapter of my bisexual Aymeric de Borel/Asexual Estinien “Wyrmblood” Varlineau fanfiction. This brings that specific story to a close, so hurray!

Final Fantasy XIV, Aymeric/Estinien, Rated E(xplicit), 3,110 words

Take My Breath Away (But Not Like This) Chapter 2

No spoilers, Temple Knights era, pining idiots, hand jobs, frottage, sex-neutral asexual (Estinien)

The link above will take you directly to the new chapter. If you’d prefer starting from the beginning, use think link: Take My Breath Away (But Not Like This) Chapter 1

I still intend to finish the Piers/Raihan pokemon fic series Showtime My Love! There are 2 more fics fully planned, and one of those is already half-written. I will do my best to not let these take a whole year each to write, orz

As always, thanks for reading!

Author: Nyyyx

Fandom Oldie. Been there, done that, survived the ship wars.

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