I lived, hee-tches!


Long time no see! I keep wanting to come back with a new fic announcement or something, but, well, taking care of my new house on top of an intense few months as work is preventing me from writing as much as I want, so unfortunately time goes on and I’m no closer to a new fic as I was at the end of summer.

But I am around and interacting more online now that the move is done and the house is becoming more and more mine with paint, interior decoration, and working on the yard. I really enjoy my new place, and I hope the stability will be helpful to my mental health and my creative hobbies.

So expect more updates here, on my sites, on AO3 and on my various social media accounts soon-ish. There’s been a lot of chaos and changes that I’m still trying to organize, but whatever happens, I’m keeping this blog and my personal domain up, so you can always find me right here at The Nyx Zone.

That’s all for now. See you around!

Author: Nyyyx

Fandom Oldie. Been there, done that, survived the ship wars.

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