Hey, I move cross-country in less than a month, so I’ll be taking a hiatus from… basically most everything online. I may be around lurking, but I don’t expect to have the energy to create or interact much.

Worry not tho, I have fics and websites and plans for when I am settled in the new place, so activities should resume mid to late summer.

See you then and take care!

Hiatus Notice for the SMT: Nocturne Newbie-Friendly Twitch Stream

I should have written this much ealier, I know.

Long story short, I still want to finish my newbie-friendly playthrough of Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD Remaster live on stream, but I’m going through a very deep, crippling depressive episode right now, and I just can’t. So I have to take a break. I hope to be back soon.

Thanks, sorry.

A Different SMT: Nocturne Stream This Week

I hurt my left hand quite a bit at work on Friday and it still hurts, so today I’m gonna do a compromise stream: we’re going to go defeat Mother Harlot because Twitch being a butt prevented us from doing so last week, then once it’s done I’m gonna end the stream and go rest and stretch my hand. Ok? Ok.

See you in 15 minutes.


ETA: Stream over for today, thank you very much for watching!