Fandoms, Characters, Languages, and Literacy part 1

I understand that everyone speaks the same language in video games for obvious gameplay reasons but for some games it makes zero sense. Looking at you, Fire Emblem! There is no fucking way that kingdoms historically at war with each other spoke the same language. Look at European history!

Like I said I know that for gameplay/accessibility reasons everyone speaks the same language, but you will never convince me that Hoshidans and Nohrians don’t speak very different languages. Same for Ylisse and Plegia. And while it would make great political intrigues shit, it is not the aim of the games but as a language nerd and trained translator it frustrates me a lot.

inb4 “Nyx get a job”

It frustrates me precisely because a different language is not just different words for things! A different language is a different way to perceive and understand the world! There is history and culture in language! Words don’t exist in a vacuum!

This is also why my Shura is a polyglot since the magatama demonification. There are demons from all over in Nocturne! Don’t try to tell me they all speak Standard Tokyo Japanese! Nocturne also has an often forgotten, seldom-used skill called “Jive Talk” (yes I know) that allows you to speak to demons that the Demi-Fiend normally cannot communicate with because he doesn’t understand what they’re saying and they don’t understand what the Demi-Fiend is saying. It’s mostly for demons that speak more “primitively”, but even there, just by its presence, it implies that not all demons speak the same language, and it makes the language nerd in me very happy that it is acknowledged by a skill in the Demi-Fiend’s pool

I am also pretty sure that it’s mentioned in-game that the 3DS consoles in DeSu and the arm terminals or gauntlets in the mainline translate demon speak for humans.

My friend Ally pointed out that FE could be using magic to allow different kingdoms to understand each other, but I think it wouldn’t work, because 1. not everyone in FE is magically gifted and 2. would that be a continental spell? Who would cast and maintain it?

Also Archduke Izana of Izumo totally speaks both Nohrian and Hoshidan and you cannot convince me otherwise because Izumo is the Canada of Fates.

Going back to Nocturne again, Hikawa is probably also pretty gifted language-wise: he’s a high-ranking Gaean, he reads and understands the scripture of Miroku, but most importantly, he hooks up an Amala Drum/Terminal to a computer system that deciphers and activates it, which is most likely a program of his own creation (he’s Chief Technical Director of Cybers for a reason), and that is what allows him to even begin plotting the rebirth of the world as a Shijima world.

So yeah. I love me multilingual characters, and I wish they would show more into games, and not just as Fridge Logic Multilingual.

Wanted: Beta Reader!

Help wanted ad for a new beta reader (or more than one!)

I am looking for a beta reader (or more than one), as I find it easier to keep motivated if I have someone to show my work to while it is in progress.

As the majority of my work is smut, I require someone over the age of eighteen who is comfortable with proof reading sex scenes that may feature male, female, non-binary, and agender characters of various sexualities.

What I require a beta for:

  1. Checking grammar and syntax. This is a priority as I am ESL.
  2. Identifying run-on sentences.
  3. Checking for plot holes and internal consistency. I rarely write series or multichapter fics, but I have two in mind now and I need help making sure people don’t undress thrice or something.
  4. Checking characterization.
  5. Someone to bounce ideas off when I get stuck.

In return you get my undying gratitude, credit in author’s notes on any stories you proofread, and early access to my writing. You also get the right to poke me with a stick and tell me to write more.

I work with Google Drive or plain text (Notepad) files.

Fandoms I am planning to write for in the near future, from most to least likely:
1. Persona 5.
2. Other Megaten games.
3. Fire Emblem (Fates, Heroes, Warriors).
4. Dark Souls 1.
5. Netflix Castlevania.

As I write smut, the following squicks (for you) may show up in my work: Xenophilia/monster sex, public/semi-public sex and exhibitionism, watersports (if you’re good with everything else, I’m happy to avoid giving you stories featuring this to proofread).

Use the contact form to get in touch if interested (or comment on this post)!