SMT: Nocturne Twitch Stream

In 15 minutes, we’ll resume our quest to finish up the Second Kalpa of the Labyrinth of Amala before returning to the main plot of the game. Be ready!

Stream over, thank you for watching! Next week we’ll tackle the gaggle of bosses that we skipped accidentally or otherwise.

Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne Newebie-Friendly Stream Resumes!

Yes, I missed last week. I’m sorry. I promised myself I wouldn’t whine about real life on this blog, so I’ll just say I blame work and I’ll leave it at that

But there will be a stream today in 15 minutes! Today we’re going through the First and the Second Kalpa of the Amala Labyrinth, the fabled bonus dungeon of Nocturne.

ETA: Stream over! Thank you for watching! Next week we’ll pick up where we left off to finish the Second Kalpa.

SMT: Nocturne Twitch Stream

Had a migraine yesterday, so let’s take it easy for this stream, okay? Still, be ready to face another Fiend in 10 minutes, before we break the mysterious Manikin prophet out of jail!

ETA: Stream over, thank you for watching! FUTOMIMI HAS SUCH A GREAT VOICE OMG OMG OMG

SMT: Nocturne HD Remaster Stream

All right! Let’s go wrap up the Assembly of Nihilo and get a chunk of plot as reward for our success in 15 minutes!

ETA: Stream has ended, thank you for watching! Assembly of Nihilo all wrapped up and shut tight, and the Mantra has fallen. Next week, we kick another Fiend’s ass and we rescue my favourite character in the entire game, Futomimi!

SMT: Nocturne HD Remaster Stream, episode 3

The stream will be live in 10 minutes! Come learn about about a great game in a chill, newbie-friendly stream! Today: GINZA!

ETA: Stream ended, thanks for watching! Tune in next week for EN GARDE, FUCKBOI!!!