SMT: Nocturne Newbie-Friendly Twitch Stream

Sorry I missed last week. Sometimes, the full time job that pays for my hobbies leaves me too tired to do any of my hobbies. Come and chill with me in 15 minutes as I tackle like 5 bosses if not more, including 2 Fiends.

ETA: Stream over, thank you for watching! I can’t believe I made it this far without dying once and then I died twice, lmao. Oh well. 4/5 bosses are down, including both Fiends! Next week I’m gonna attempt Ongyo-ki again, see what’s up with tha Obelisk, and now that Demi-Fiend has 24 base Str, we’ll be able to open that ~mysterious~ door in the Mantra HQ in Ikebukuro!

Also: I reached 10 followers wheeeeee :3 Thank you!!!

Author: Nyyyx

Fandom Oldie. Been there, done that, survived the ship wars.

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