Wanted: Beta Reader!

Help wanted ad for a new beta reader (or more than one!)

I am looking for a beta reader (or more than one), as I find it easier to keep motivated if I have someone to show my work to while it is in progress.

As the majority of my work is smut, I require someone over the age of eighteen who is comfortable with proof reading sex scenes that may feature male, female, non-binary, and agender characters of various sexualities.

What I require a beta for:

  1. Checking grammar and syntax. This is a priority as I am ESL.
  2. Identifying run-on sentences.
  3. Checking for plot holes and internal consistency. I rarely write series or multichapter fics, but I have two in mind now and I need help making sure people don’t undress thrice or something.
  4. Checking characterization.
  5. Someone to bounce ideas off when I get stuck.

In return you get my undying gratitude, credit in author’s notes on any stories you proofread, and early access to my writing. You also get the right to poke me with a stick and tell me to write more.

I work with Google Drive or plain text (Notepad) files.

Fandoms I am planning to write for in the near future, from most to least likely:
1. Persona 5.
2. Other Megaten games.
3. Fire Emblem (Fates, Heroes, Warriors).
4. Dark Souls 1.
5. Netflix Castlevania.

As I write smut, the following squicks (for you) may show up in my work: Xenophilia/monster sex, public/semi-public sex and exhibitionism, watersports (if you’re good with everything else, I’m happy to avoid giving you stories featuring this to proofread).

Use the contact form to get in touch if interested (or comment on this post)!